We are creators investing in creators.


  1. This is the creative age… the golden era of intellectual property and we are uniquely positioned to harness a media opportunity.
  2. Creators in the media industry are the best in the world at creating startups.
  3. Creators who lead our companies are either artists, managers or entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of success.
  4. Creators who are a good fit for us are game changing originators of ideas for companies and media properties.
  5. Regardless of nationality, geography or age the best creators in the world should have access to Creators Capital.



Creators and partners in our ecosystem can access development funding for early stage ideas that have the potential to become projects and startups.

We fund incubation including but not limited to strategy development, product development, team building and business development.

Series A
We participate in Series A funding rounds for creators that have reached product and/or company milestones and attracted a core management team.


We are media investors. We have expertise in: music, film, television, technology, and gaming. We were created by Huffman.co and receive their Set The Sale deal flow on an exclusive first look basis.

Investment Profile

To help our partners meet their financial goals, Creators Capital established this media industry investment profile:

  1. successful creators who want to build a business.
  2. established organizations who want to innovate.
  3. media assets with clear paths to revenue.

Make up your mind what you really feel you should do with your life, then do it.Artist Olaf Pooley on the day he turned 100 years old.